Currently, potential ballot measures are still pending official review. Your Oregon Gun Owners team will be tracking these measures as they progress and keep you up to date!


Initiative Petition 6/Initiative Petition 11
The School Gun Safety Act (IP 6) and The Firearms Safety Education Act (IP 11) have both been filed for review. These measures are nearly identical and would establish a firearms safety class for sixth graders in Oregon public schools, with the option to opt-out. Classes would cover topics like how to deal with an unsecured firearm, how to safely secure a firearm if no adult is available, safe muzzle direction, how semi-automatics operate, and other firearm safety-related topics.

Initiative Petition 8
The Common Firearms Act (IP 8) would create a “constitutional right to possess, use, transfer semiautomatic, other firearms.” Additionally, this IP would limit the creation of future firearms related restrictions by requiring that future regulations not place “unreasonable burdens or special liabilities” on owning firearms or restrict the ability to store firearms in a “readily available operable state.” Finally, this IP would also nullify House Bill 4145, or the “Boyfriend Loophole,” which restricts the possession of firearms from some individuals convicted of domestic abuse or stalking.


Initiative Petition 16
The Common Sense Gun Regulation Act (IP 16) was filed by a Salem activist and lawyer. It is very similar to Initiative Petition 43, which failed in 2018. If passed, this measure would define what an “assault weapon” is and make it a crime to own one.