A handgun with bullets symbolizing gun rights while framed against the United States constitution.

Both IP 43 and IP 44 are off the ballot for 2018.

The withdrawal of Oregon gun control ballot measures in 2018 is great news. However, the sponsors of both initiatives announced that they plan to lobby their proposals as bills in the 2019 legislative session and, if necessary, refile in 2020 as ballot measures.

The Oregon Supreme Court said the ballot title for IP 43 was misleading and could confuse voters. IP 43 would have banned most semi-automatic guns and severely restricted legal magazine sizes. The Court sent IP 43 back to the Attorney General on June 27 for redrafting. However, with more than 88,000 signatures due by July 6, petitioners were forced to concede for 2018.

The Oregon Supreme Court approved the title for IP 44, which would have changed firearms storage laws and imposed penalties and liabilities on improperly stored guns. On June 20, the backers of IP 44 stated they would not be pursing signature collection due to a lack of adequate time to collect signatures.

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