A pro-gun ballot measure, IP 8, has received an official ballot title from the Oregon Attorney General.

IP 8 would amend the Oregon Constitution to protect Oregonians’ right to own guns for self-defense and store guns in their homes in
an operable state for self-defense.

The official title will read: “Amends Constitution: Creates constitutional right to possess, use, transfer semiautomatic, other firearms. Limits new firearm regulations. Retroactive.”

IP 8 would clarify (and strengthen) Oregon’s existing constitutional right to bear arms and prevent new gun-control statutes. Specifically, IP 8 does the following:

  • Prevents laws that place unreasonable burdens or special liabilities upon the right to acquire a firearm and compatible magazine
  • Affirms the right to keep firearms in a readily operable state (no “safe storage” requirements)
  • Defines Common Firearms as those that were not subject to civilian purchase restrictions as of July 1, 2018 and any similar models, mechanical actions, or magazines developed thereafter that are not restricted by federal law
  • Allows the state to continue regulating acquisition/possession/use of firearms by minors, non-citizens, felons, mentally ill, etc.

The full text is displayed below.