Senate Bill 817, which is mainly a firearms storage bill, is being sponsored by Senator Burdick and Representative Williamson.

SB 817 would:

Make it a Class A misdemeanor for “unlawful storage of a firearm” if:

  • the person leaves a firearm in a location that a person should reasonably know that a minor under 17 years of age is likely to gain access
  • A minor gains access to the firearm AND the minor
    • Possesses it in a public place; or
    • Exhibits in a careless, angry, or threatening manner; or
    • Injures or kills a person by means of the firearm
  • Previous section does not apply if:
    • Minor obtains firearm
      • in self-defense
      • through illegal act of another person
    • The firearm is equipped with a trigger lock, storage device, or in a securely locked container or in a location that a reasonable person would believe to be secure
    • The person is military or police
  • Violation prohibits gun purchases for 5 years after conviction
  • Gun dealer shall post in a prominent location “The purchaser of a firearm has no obligation to store firearms in a safe manner and to prevent unsupervised access to a firearm by a minor. If minor obtains access to a firearm and the owner failed to store the firearm in a safe manner, the owner may be guilty of a crime.”

Your Oregon Gun Owners team will continue to track and fight anti-gun legislation to ensure that our Second Amendment Rights are protected. Read the full text of Senate Bill 817 here.