It’s Time to Stop Senate Bill 978


Senate Bill 978, the sweeping anti-gun bill Oregon legislators are trying to push through is currently sitting in the Senate Rules Committee. These anti-gun Bloomberg-backed legislators are launching a direct attack on our Second Amendment rights and trying to make gun owning Oregonians felons.

Now is the time to act. We need you to contact your Senator and tell them that responsible gun owners are not the problem!

Among other things, Senate Bill 978 would:

  • Allow local cities to create “gun-free zones,” where law-abiding citizens like you and I are left defenseless against criminals
  • Prohibit honest, hard working Oregon farmers, ranchers, and the timber industry from carrying guns in their trucks
  • Restrict minors’ abilities to participate in hunting or shooting competitions
  • Take away your right to sell firearms made before 1968
  • Make you liable for someone stealing your firearms from your own home, even if they are securely stored
  • Make Oregonians with legal CHLs potential felons if they travel to an airport while carrying
  • Raise the cost of the CHL license they are trying to get rid of

We cannot allow this attack on our rights to continue without taking action!

Legislators in Salem need to hear from responsible gun owners like you. Please use the talking points listed above to educate your legislators on why SB 978 will make law-abiding Oregonians criminals, if passed.