OGO made a difference in the November elections! Our endorsements and financial contributions helped ensure the victories of the candidates listed below. OGO’s support was especially critical in close races like the race in Hood River where Second Amendment supporter Senator Chuck Thomsen was re-elected by just over 200 votes.

Thank you OGO supporters for helping us elect more Second Amendment supporters to the Oregon Legislature. 

  • Dallas Heard
  • Kim Thatcher
  • Chuck Thomsen
  • Jeff Barker
  • Paul Evans
  • Lynn Findley
  • Rick Lewis
  • Bill Post
  • Greg Smith
  • Kim Wallan
  • Brad Witt
  • Jack Zika

Now going into 2019, some of Oregon’s extreme anti-gun politicians are attacking our Constitutional Rights by trying to mandating “safe storage” laws and attempting to raise the age to purchase a firearm. But we won’t let that happen. It’s time to stand our ground. With strong support from gun owners like you, OGO has protected gun rights for 44 years. Now, can we count on you to continue supporting us with a financial contribution of $500, $250, $100, or $50 today?

Did you know? The Oregon Political Tax Credit allows an eligible taxpayer to be reimbursed for up to $50 (or $100 for couples) for donations to political organizations like OGO.