The balance of power in the Senate remains unchanged at 18-12 (Democrat supermajority).

Republican Dick Anderson (left) picked up the open seat on the Central and Southwest Coast (formerly held by Sen. Arnie Roblan).

Democrat Deb Patterson (right) is presumed to have defeated incumbent Sen. Denyc Boles (R-Salem). However, the race is too close to call, with Boles trailing by just 505 votes and a recount possible.


Republicans netted one seat in the Oregon House. Democrats continue to exceed supermajority at 37-23.

Republicans picked up open seats on the North Coast (Suzanne Weber, left) and Central-South Coast (Boomer Wright, center)

In Bend, Rep. Cheri Helt, a Republican who supported gun storage measures, was handily defeated by Democrat Jason Kropf (right).

Too Close to Call

A few races remain too close to call. Candidates who are leading right now could end up losing after official results are certified and/or there is a recount:

• Republican Senator Tim Knopp (Bend) – leading by 1,546 votes
• Democrat Deb Patterson (Salem) – leading by 505 votes
• Democrat Brad Witt (Clatskanie) – leading by just 547 votes
• Democrat Anna Williams (Hood River) – leading by 175 votes

Let’s say as a hypothetical that Knopp holds on to his seat but all the others are reversed from where they currently stand. If that happens, Republicans would pick up one Senate seat overall, breaking the Democrat supermajority, 17-13. The House would tilt closer to balance by two Republican votes, 35-25.