While Initiative Petiton 13 has not yet received enough signatures, Initiative Petitions 17 and 18 have submitted enough signatures to receive a ballot title from the Oregon Attorney General for the November 8, 2022, General Election. The titles are due to be published by June 24 and comments are due July 9.
  • Initiative Petition 13 would criminalize the killing of animals for food purposes, effectively banning hunting in the state.
    Draft Ballot Title – “Prohibits injuring or killing animals, most breeding practices; self-defense exceptions. Redefines animal abuse crimes”
  • Initiative Petition 17 would require Oregonians to apply for a “permit-to-purchase” a firearm and require the Department of State Police to maintain an electronic database of permits with notes on what permits are expired or revoked. Additionally, IP 17 would limit magazines to 10 rounds of less to “promote the public health and safety of the residents of this state.”
    Draft Ballot Title – “Requires permit to acquire firearms; creates permit database; prohibits ammunition magazines over ten rounds; exceptions.”
  • Initiative Petition 18 would outright ban a huge variety of firearms and accessories, require registration of semiautomatic firearms within 180 days of enactment, and require the Department of State Police to maintain a “semiautomatic assault firearm registration.”
    Draft Ballot Title – “Prohibits manufacturing/ possessing/ transferring many semiautomatic firearms; criminal penalties; limited exception if existing firearms registered.”