Gun Owners are Under Attack

By now I’m sure you have heard about “Senate Bill 501,” an unconstitutional attack on our gun rights that would require a permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving a firearm, limit magazine capacity to five rounds, limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per month, require background checks for ammunition transfers, mandate “safe storage” requirements that include liability on gun owners who are victims of theft, raise the minimum age, ban semi-automatic rifles and some accessories, and create a 14-day waiting period for firearm purchases.

Plain and simple: our gun rights are under attack. Law-abiding citizens

are being treated like criminals!

Ignoring the Second Amendment is wrong, and we all will suffer under the crushing fist of political correctness. The Oregon Legislature and its far-left leaders refuse to address gangs and the illegal use of firearms. They think it is easier to suppress those law-abiding citizens. Gun violence is driven by criminals and those with mental illness, yet the Legislature’s leaders are focused on our Constitutional Rights.

Senate Bill 501 is not the only threat we face. Many other proposals have been introduced, and the Democrat leadership is clearing the way to passage through aggressive committee reassignments.

The first major deadline of session is April 9, when bills must have passed out of committee in the originating chamber (House or Senate) or they are considered dead. Then, they will head to a committee in the opposite chamber and must be passed there by May 24. More bills may be released in the coming weeks, and Oregon Gun Owners will make sure you know what’s coming.

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(Bold text signifies that bill was introduced by Oregon Gun Owners.)

Anti-Gun Bills

SB 87: Allows gun dealer or person transferring firearm, ammunition or firearm component at a gun show to establish a minimum age for purchase of firearms, ammunition or firearm components, provided that minimum age is at least 21 years.

SB 275: Requires owner or possessor of a firearm to secure their firearm with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container except in specified circumstances.

SB 501: Requires a person to secure a permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving a firearm.

SB 723: Prohibits person from organizing, sponsoring, promoting, conducting or participating in contest, competition, tournament or derby that has objective of taking wildlife for prizes or other inducement or for entertainment.

SB 781: Introduced by Senate President Peter Courtney, pertains to liability for stray bullets at shooting ranges. It will replace an earlier version, SB 5. SB 781 adds liability to cities and counties.

SB 817: Creates crime of unlawful storage of firearm with a maximum punishment of 364 days imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Punishes second and subsequent convictions by maximum of five years imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. Requires gun dealers to post notice concerning obligation to store firearms in safe manner. Prohibits sale, delivery or transfer of firearm to person convicted of unlawful storage of firearm for five-year period after conviction. SB 817 will replace HB 2505 and SB 275.

SB 925: Would allow cities, counties and metropolitan service district’s/ports/and airports to prohibit CHL holders from carrying in public buildings.

  • HB 2505 (companion bill of SB 275): Requires owner or possessor of a firearm to secure their firearm with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container except in specified circumstances.
  • SB 275: Requires owner or possessor of a firearm to secure their firearm with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container except in specified circumstances.

HB 2251: Defines “assault rifle.” Prohibits transfer of handgun or assault rifle to a person under 21 years of age.

HB 3223: Requires people who own “assault weapons” to register them within one year of law passing. Prohibits manufacture, transfer or possession of assault weapon except in specified circumstances. Requires report of loss or theft of assault weapon.

HB 3265: Prohibits possession of large-capacity magazine. Owners of large-capacity magazines would need to alter or dispose of large-capacity magazine or face fines and jail time. Exempts law enforcement and military personnel from prohibition in specified circumstances

Pro-Gun Bills

SB 322: Authorizes sheriff of county to issue concealed handgun license to an eligible person residing in an adjoining county.

SB 323: Provides a person with privileges and legal defenses available to a person with an Oregon concealed handgun license if a person is licensed to carry a concealed handgun in another state that recognizes Oregon concealed handgun licenses.

SB 342: Requires agency, board, commission or other instrumentality of state that lawfully seizes firearm to transfer a firearm to Department of State Lands for disposition as unclaimed property.

SB 646: Exempts transferee who is certified participant in Address Confidentiality Program from private firearm transfer criminal background check requirement.

HB 2287: Authorizes school district to allow firearm safety instruction on school property.

HB 2289: Establishes Task Force on School Safety Features.

HB 2290: Directs education service districts to ensure that services of school behavioral health specialist are available to component school districts.

HB 2291: Establishes tax credit against personal income taxes for the purchase of qualifying gun safes or locking mechanisms.

HB 2298: Directs Department of State Police to create and maintain a list of states that recognize Oregon concealed handgun licenses and require demonstration of handgun competency to obtain a license that is similar to the requirement in Oregon.

HB 2546: Creates credit against personal income tax for the cost of a criminal history record check required by state law for the transfer of a firearm.

HB 3035: increases penalties for poaching violations—with and without culpable mental state.

HB 3265: would ban “large-capacity” magazines or magazines holding 10 or more. Punishment for possession of large-capacity magazines would be punishable with up to six months in prison or a $2,000 fine.

HB 3054: Creates a crime of unlawful discharge of a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling or public building (with exceptions: self-defense, animal defense, shooting ranges, etc.).

HJR 9: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to declare constitutional right to hunt, fish or otherwise harvest wildlife, subject to certain legal restrictions.

Other Legislation of Interest

SB 481: Requires law enforcement agency that takes custody of firearms under firearms surrender protocol to establish procedures to notify certain individuals of a law enforcement agency’s anticipated return of firearm.

HB 2479: Increases fees payable to the county sheriff for issuance, renewal or duplication of concealed handgun license.

HB 2705: Directs Department of State Police to establish voluntary firearm Do Not Sell List using secure Internet website.

Oregon Gun Owners’ team of five registered lobbyists are collaborating with the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and others to strategically engage on these bills. Our advocacy efforts will help ensure the rights of Oregonians to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes are maintained.

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