About Us & History

About Us

Oregon Gun Owners has been protecting firearms rights in Oregon for over 45 years. Our philosophy is clear and simple: to preserve our right as a free people to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes including self-defense, collecting, target shooting and hunting.

In accordance with that right, we emphasize and promote responsible and safe ownership of all firearms. Through our Education Foundation, we support and fund programs designed to promote gun safety.


Oregon Gun Owners (OGO) began as an ad hoc group of four gun rights activists in 1975. These gentlemen lobbied for gun rights during the 1975 legislative session, and two of them have continued to lobby on gun owners’ behalf ever since.

In 1976, they established the Oregon Gun Owners Political Victory Fund (OGO PVF). The OGO PVF collected donations from concerned gun owners across the state and helped elect pro-gun candidates to the legislature.

Since 1976, OGO has grown steadily to become Oregon’s LARGEST state-based gun rights advocacy group. With over 10,000 Associates, OGO has maintained prominence as the most respected and most successful gun rights group in Oregon. Throughout its history, OGO has evolved from the OGO PVF, GOO (Gun Owners of Oregon), OGO Incorporated and then, through a merge with OSRA (Oregon State Rifle Association), it was renamed Oregon Gun Owners.

Today, OGO is composed of three separate entities. We have OGO, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization to serve as the head group; the OGO Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization eligible for tax deductible contributions and the OGO PVF, a political action committee that qualifies for the Oregon Political Tax Credit.

OGO is proud of its many legislative and judicial accomplishments, some of which are highlighted in our website. Throughout our history, OGO has maintained a commitment to gun owners by recognizing what needs to be done for the benefit of Oregon’s gun owners and acting on those needs.