Following the passage of Washington States I-1639, anti-gun legislators have been emboldened to do the same in Oregon. Two representatives are planning to introduce a bill in the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session that will require gun owners in Oregon to securely store their firearms using trigger locks or safes. Gun owners who fail to comply could be fined anywhere from $500 to $2,000 if a child gets access to an unsecured firearm. Additionally, the proposed legislation would make it considerable easier for victims of a gun-related crime to sue for damages if the guns owner failed to secure their firearm, report the theft or loss in a timely manner or supervise a child using the firearm. However, the damages provision would not apply if the firearm was used in self-defense or in defense of another person.

While safe storage laws may in theory help to reduce the amount of firearms related accidents, many gun owners cite self-defense as the number one reason for owning a firearm. Oregon Gun Owners will closely monitor and keep track of this legislation in the upcoming session.