Oregon Concealed Carry

Are you 21 years or older? Are you wondering how you can get a concealed handgun license (CHL) for self-defense in Oregon? Oregon Gun Owners has you covered!

CHLs are handled by your county sheriff. Sheriff’s offices will have the forms available in their office or online for you to print and fill out.

Non-residents of Oregon, please click here.

If it is your first time applying for a CHL, you must have:

  1. Your application form completely filled out and $65.00 (cash, checks, or money orders are accepted)
  2. Be able to pass a criminal background check
  3. Two character references. Your references must complete and sign the “Concealed Handgun License Required References” form. Please use the form provided by your county sheriff’s office
  4. A copy of a document showing proof of your competence with a handgun
  5. Proof of county residency. This can be through your Oregon Driver’s License, or a document showing you currently lease or own property in the county. Additionally, an Oregon tax return for the most recent tax year can be used to prove address
  6. Proof of legal residency (birth certificate, passport, or Immigration and Naturalization forms)

Approved handgun safety courses include:

  • A Hunter Safety class certificate, with documentation indicating handgun safety was a component of the class
  • A handgun safety class taught by law enforcement or a community college utilizing NRA instructors
  • Evidence of equivalent experience with a handgun through participation in organized shooting competition, security guard, investigators, reserve law enforcement officers or military service training. Supporting documents can include a score card, training certificate, DD214 or military training record

Things to be aware of

By Oregon law, if you would like to carry a concealed firearm on your person, or concealed and accessible in your vehicle, you must:

  • Have a CHL
  • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Services
  • Have no outstanding warrants for arrest or be on any form of pre-trial release

While Oregon law allows CHLs, some cities and areas have local ordinances forbidding it.

Please click here to find the correct forms for your county!

Non-Oregon Resident CHL Information


While Oregon is a “shall issue” state for residents, Oregon sheriffs have discretion if you are not an Oregon resident. This means that while you may meet all the criteria for a CHL, the sheriff can still deny you an Oregon license. Non-residents may apply to the sheriff of any county in Oregon.

Oregon currently allows residents of bordering states who can show a “compelling business interest” or “other legitimate reason” to apply for a permit. Some sheriffs’ offices consider self-defense sufficient, while others may not.