OGO Made Sure ZERO Anti-Gun Bills Passed The Oregon Legislature in 2019.

The Oregon Legislative Session adjourned in June and your OGO team was in Salem every day, advocating for you. We met with and educated legislators about gun issues and advocated to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Here are some of the worst bills that your OGO team helped defeat that legislators will try to bring back next session:

SB 978 The Bloomberg-backed sweeping anti-gun bill extreme Oregon legislators tried to push through. Would have enacted “strict liability” and safe storage mandates among other bans and unconstitutional restrictions.

SB 501 A gun control package that would have included a new permit requirement for gun purchases; magazine capacity limits; ammunition purchase limit of 20 rounds per month; and an extension of the waiting period to 14 days.

HB 2251 Would have defined what an “assault rifle” is and banned the transfer of “assault rifles” and handguns to people under the age of 21. It would have also extended the background check period to 30 days, added new storage requirements, and other provisions.

Oregon Gun Owners (OGO) is one of Oregon’s largest gun rights advocacy groups. Since 1975, OGO has worked to preserve our right as a free people to own and use firearms for legitimate purposes. OGO has helped craft public policy in Oregon and oppose measures that jeopardize the sportsmen’s lifestyle. OGO advocates for law-abiding gun owners and promotes the responsible use of firearms.